Regardless of what your idea of Paradise may be you should always say “yes” to the honeymoon.

Statistics show that those couples who put off their honeymoon often feel cheated; as though the wedding celebration just wasn’t a complete package.

Many times daily life takes over and the delayed honeymoon plans get pushed farther from the wedding date. I’ve heard couples say, “We never had a real honeymoon, just a couple days away at the lake.”

Adding the honeymoon to the wedding budget and the wedding plans keeps this special time where it should be… “the icing on the cake” of the wedding extravaganza.

According to about travel below are the 2015 honeymoon statistics.


  • Estimated number of honeymooners: 1.4 million U.S. couples per year.
  • Among couples who choose a traditional wedding, 99 percent take a honeymoon.
  • On average, the honeymoon is booked 4 months before the wedding.
  • Couples spend an average of $4,466 on their honeymoon. Luxury honeymooners, which comprise 15% of the market, spend an average of $9,954 and vacation for 11 days.
  • The honeymoon, on average, accounts for 14 percent of the wedding budget.
  • The length of an average honeymoon is eight days. (4 -5 nts just doesn’t cut it)
  • 62% of couples pay for most of their honeymoon on their own. (tradition says it’s the groom’s family that pays for the honeymoon)
  • 10 percent of newlyweds take cruises for their honeymoon.
  • 75% of couples honeymooned in the USA and Canada in the last 5 years.*
  • Most popular US honeymoon destinations: Hawaii, Florida, California, Nevada.
  • Most popular overseas destinations: Mexico, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Italy, St. Lucia, France, USVI.
  • Most popular luxury honeymoon destinations: Europe, Caribbean, Hawaii, South Pacific.
  • 40% of honeymooners will stay at a resort vs. 27 percent at a large hotel vs.10 percent at a small hotel.
  • Only 1 in 4 couples go on their dream honeymoon. (don’t let this be you – don’t settle for less than you want)
  • 80% of honeymooners in the last 5 years used social media to research their destinations.*
  • 48% of honeymooners visit Facebook while away.
  • Hawaii is the favored destination for honeymoon couples. (you’re in luck b/c we are Hawaiian Islands Specialist!)

If you are looking to weave your honeymoon plans in with your wedding plans then give us a call so we can chat about YOUR ideal honeymoon.  Explore some of our favorites below.